thank you

A few weeks ago, I devised to resort to something that would end my short term goals, and that would probably cost me months or even a year. But came the intervention. However all the available means that I used to obtain that purpose, having been put a strenuous effort thinking it was the silver bullet that would yield the profitable miraculous result. Nonetheless, nothing worked out. Not even an inch was moved.
Sometimes, our frustration and anxiety overwhelmed us and at such point, our contempt, powered by all this worldly materials and possessions, against the uncontrollable, most powerful, mighty, all-knowing and all-seeing God seems unquestionably true despite knowing the fact that there is something way more than anything of all this high-end technology and sciences advancement and its amazement it induces – God.
Our God lives. Dead on. And I am thankful for His faithfulness regardless of all this sinful nature. His intervention saved me from taking that risk of costing me rather heavily.
His plans are beyond the imagination of definite beings. He counsels and cheers and gives hope in any form to tell us that we are worth taking Him seriously because His purpose is faultless and His promises are abiding.
Thank you, Lord God.

Be thankful

If you’ve gone through depression, be thankful.

If you’ve gone through failure, be thankful.

If you’ve gone through unthinkable hardship, be thankful.

If you’ve gone through varied physical ailments, be thankful.

If you’ve gone through public humiliation, be thankful.

If you’ve gone through emotional pain & guilt, be thankful.

Do not condemn the past, but only gratitude. Your past shows your strength, power, & the ability to be able to live through the tempest & tumultuous moments in your life.

You’re a strong, confident, & uniquely made person. And you don’t want people’s validation. You’re good enough! 

In gratitude, there is a healing, a source of happiness & a way to success.

Thus, Be thankful! Be thankful! And Be thankful!

Back to our knees 

This might be worth to be called a seasonal christian; 

Drawing closer only when hard times hit hard.

Is this prevalence pandemic a sign of end times? 

Are we supposed to believe in prophecies? 

But one thing for sure, God exists.

As a lay individual, my best contribution could only be through prayer, a faithful & meaningful one. 

A prayer can do wonders! 

Let’s back to our knees;

He shall attend to our cries.

A faithful, desperate cry of the nations shall not be void, I believe.

To live in victimhood, blame-game, conspiracy theories & prophecies would not ease our situation.

Let’s back to our knees,

And seek God’s forgiveness.

Let’s supplicate to lift our burden up.

Awake My Soul

Day after day, weeks and months were far gone, but

There is no sign of progress 

In pursuit of your goals.

What hope you say you have?

What dream you say you have? 

You have everything as far as the means to your goal is concerned.

Your family, friends & your people are behind you,

All the external motivation resources at your fingertips.

What more do you need to see your dreams come true? 

New Year comes by

And your habits never less to mule to change.

The habits that make no progress.

You are in your twenties, the time others have made exceptional feat. 

Compare not! You say. 

But look at you, your bed, your life. 

Aren’t you the man who says I want to help my family, my needy people and bring some solutions to my society’s problems.

If this so, then awake.

Where are you, my zeal? 

Have you forsaken me? 

I missed your burning incense,

The aroma that would reinvigorate me

After every focus hard work.

Come back to me, oh my zeal.

Reignite in me, and let the undying spirit takes us to the place we long, long ago.