thank you

A few weeks ago, I devised to resort to something that would end my short term goals, and that would probably cost me months or even a year. But came the intervention. However all the available means that I used to obtain that purpose, having been put a strenuous effort thinking it was the silver bullet that would yield the profitable miraculous result. Nonetheless, nothing worked out. Not even an inch was move.
Sometimes, our frustration and anxiety overwhelmed us and at such point, our contempt, powered by all this worldly materials and possessions, against the uncontrollable, most powerful, mighty, all-knowing and all-seeing God seems unquestionably true despite knowing the fact that there is something way more than anything of all this high-end technology and sciences advancement and its amazement it induces – God.
Our God lives. Dead on. And I am thankful for His faithfulness regardless of all this sinful nature. His intervention saved me from taking that risk of costing me rather heavily.
His plans are beyond the imagination of definite beings. He counsels and cheers and gives hope in any form to tell us that we are worth taking Him seriously because His purpose is faultless and His promises are abiding.
Thank you, Lord God.

Awake My Soul

Day after day, weeks and months were far gone, but

There is no sign of progress 

In pursuit of your goals.

What hope you say you have?

What dream you say you have? 

You have everything as far as the means to your goal is concerned.

Your family, friends & your people are behind you,

All the external motivation resources at your fingertips.

What more do you need to see your dreams come true? 

New Year comes by

And your habits never less to mule to change.

The habits that make no progress.

You are in your twenties, the time others have made exceptional feat. 

Compare not! You say. 

But look at you, your bed, your life. 

Aren’t you the man who says I want to help my family, my needy people and bring some solutions to my society’s problems.

If this so, then awake.

Where are you, my zeal? 

Have you forsaken me? 

I missed your burning incense,

The aroma that would reinvigorate me

After every focus hard work.

Come back to me, oh my zeal.

Reignite in me, and let the undying spirit takes us to the place we long, long ago. 

I don’t want my wisdom to rule over me

There is someone I know sure of, 

Who is everything from the beginning:

The power; the greatness; all knowing.

Yet the humblest above all.

I’m lucky. I’m still alive.

Despite after all these temporaries seek, 

His grace and mercy never bypass me. 

Where is my gratitude? How do I show it?

I need His wisdom to guide, to rule over me.

The world knows its level of wisdom it grew over time.

And all the twist and play of it. 

Yet nothing compared to His.

Will you 2019?

Oh grace me!

I want to be a sick-less traveller.  

I pray that this year end will wipe every bit of motion sickness away.

My long to embrace my new Me is 

My undying hope. 

And this makes me aware and know in depth about being hopeful.

I am looking for a day that I say this,

” Yes, those were the years of perpetual angst

And depression but thank God today, I am embracing a brand new Me.”

Oh 2019, will you promise me

That you will carry this somber and grim with you? 

This tasteless, poor and weak Me.

I hope you will.

I don’t want to enter and be welcomed by 2020

With the same Me. Because even 20 or 30 Minutes of bus ride or any other four wheelers can knock me down,

And I would be helplessly in the zero

Of hope for a brighter day.

Please take my ‘this Me’ and let me 

Take my New Me. 

The Village’s Park in the city vicinity


I moved to this city for further attainment.

Until after months of residing; my mate took me there.

At glance, I felt happy. And did the exercises.

Returned, reposed and thought of gone unfortunate years.

“Now, I have it,” I muttered.

Here, majorly women folk frequented, of grand old and middle age

Sitting on the greenery grass lawn

And the latter did the exercises.

Equally stooping grey men playing cards;

Some imbibe, few others cig.

“Why? This is a public place.” I said.

Every eve, I pay my duly visit.

Days gone, I knew not this;

The littered plastic rags laid of all forms,

And the poor drainage, giving foul with ill-upkeep,

And the hog’s sties giving the reek in the southwest border.

“Couldn’t this be better?” I pondered.

What if I tidy up? Can I not?

No, some employed to watch it, barely vigil at it.

Where’s social voluntarism? – No, not here.

Here, they thought I’m an outlander;

At sight, stare, stare and stare with little bewilderment.

Of late, a girl reacted OMG!

“Uninformed.” I pitied.

– Lungria

Some of the need values of today


Values are the driving force that influences us to do everything we have done and will continue to decide for our coming future action. It is one of the intrinsic parts of our society that decides what is right and wrong, acceptable and non-acceptable, important and unimportant, etc., and guides us on how to live our lives reasonably. Values are very important and inseparable from us. It can be positive and negative. It is the core beliefs or principles that are enduring that shape one’s worldview and have a profound impact on the character of an individual and the society. It is the yardstick of our behaviour and the reflecting agent of our deeds either be of good or bad ones.

Our external conduct and approach are the manifestations of the values that we learned from our social institutions. They are central to our belief systems and to our attitudes. The three main components that affect us include: cognitive, emotion and behaviour. Remember Values shape the way we perceive things, events and circumstances. What we believe and how we feel about those beliefs affect our character.

The moral values are the ones that make an individual representational in society. Without them our society would be a total chaotic place. It is the moral values that refrain an individual from resorting to something ugly and unacceptable. Now, we will have a closer look at some general moral values that we should continue keeping them intact.


It is “confidence in or reliance on some quality or attribute of a person or thing, or the truth of a statement,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Trust can have a little variance for different context and situations. But it has the common elements of belief, mutuality, and predictability. It applies to relationships in a social circle both individuals and formal institutions. It involves emotion, thinking and behaviour. Without trust means no relationships. It is the trust that built our society. Trust is a fundamental, foundational value that no one should dare to breach for one’s selfish gains. Today, we need to rebuild our trust among nations and individuals for a better existential experience.


Comte-Sponville argued for the universality of courage saying that fears and the acts to defeat them vary from society to society, the capacity to overcome fear is always more valued than cowardice and faintheartedness.

It has some qualities that warrant a person to be courageous:

  • It must be voluntary.
  • It must involve judgement­ – an understanding of risk and acceptance of the consequences of an action.
  • It must involve the mastery of fears and not just fearlessness.
  • Coerced action doesn’t qualify.


Moral integrity is the unity of character and the unity is consistency among our attitudes, emotions and conduct in relation to justified moral values. It is the bridge and regulator that connect both responsibilities in private and professional life. It is the authenticity which a person carries no matter what the circumstances – a trait that is true to itself, never changes its colour. Intentions, commitments and beliefs remain unchanged. Such a person remained true to his salt. In other words, it is the regular pattern of behaviour that is consistent with espoused values. Practising what one preaches can be a good example.

Well, there are many values that we know but these values that I feel is the need of the day because our society seems going backward as far as human values are to be considered.

A Moonlit Passion Week

This, in the pristine village, celebration has its own taste.

The Village-out pupils flocked in during a brief vacation.

The adult folk returned from the field.

The sedulous parents never settle down,

And the mothers have been swamped ever since

The household chores shouldered them.

When the clear moonlit sky beaming out its utmost,

All folks in the village assemble from young to the elderly genus;

All gladness hearts warm the atmosphere.

And the cool, gentle breeze making feel its presence,

Now, they’d gather to pound and grind the herbs;

For the next day, grand, multitude, river fish catching event.

The joy of attending church evening services

Told the stories of Christ, the Saviour.

The Palm, Friday and Easter were special

Adorned with Joyful shout, hymnals, Praise and Worship.

Women folk served Sweet potatoes, Cassava, Corn and variance edibles.

The joy of this Passion Week, the spring makes more taken.
                                       – Lungria

Come what may


Sailing through the unknown land,
Come what may
Our faith shall win.
Holding the truth, the only deliverer,
Come what may
Our faith shall win.
No power nor any other supernatural mights
Shall keep us,
But only the temporal glitches
They may cause.
Whatever the reason our faith
In Him shall never pass.
The day is coming for us
To declare that
Our God is the only God.
Then we would know the blessedness
Of being saved.
O! Come what may
Our faith shall win.