thank you

A few weeks ago, I devised to resort to something that would end my short term goals, and that would probably cost me months or even a year. But came the intervention. However all the available means that I used to obtain that purpose, having been put a strenuous effort thinking it was the silver bullet that would yield the profitable miraculous result. Nonetheless, nothing worked out. Not even an inch was moved.
Sometimes, our frustration and anxiety overwhelmed us and at such point, our contempt, powered by all this worldly materials and possessions, against the uncontrollable, most powerful, mighty, all-knowing and all-seeing God seems unquestionably true despite knowing the fact that there is something way more than anything of all this high-end technology and sciences advancement and its amazement it induces – God.
Our God lives. Dead on. And I am thankful for His faithfulness regardless of all this sinful nature. His intervention saved me from taking that risk of costing me rather heavily.
His plans are beyond the imagination of definite beings. He counsels and cheers and gives hope in any form to tell us that we are worth taking Him seriously because His purpose is faultless and His promises are abiding.
Thank you, Lord God.

Do it willingly

If you want to help others 

Help willingly 

If you want to give 

Give willingly

If you want to show kindness 

Show it willingly

If you want to share 

Share willingly

If you want to pray for others 

Pray wholeheartedly 

If you love someone 

Remember! Love without action is void 

If you brag, boast & vent in times of misunderstanding for all these 

You are not the person you believe you were

And your attitude has swallowed up the value you have just created.

In willing deeds, there isn’t an expectation of returns.

                         ~L.N feelingView.wp.com